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Tangee Moore LCSW, CMHIMP

Shawnrell Blackwell, Ph.D,QMHP-A

Shawnrell Blackwell, Ph.D,QMHP-A

 Tangee Moore is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, earning her BSW and MSW at Virginia Commonwealth University. Tangee uses Evidenced-Based Conventional Therapies in conjunction with Complementary and Alternative Therapies such as meditation, mindfulness, nutritional counseling, and stress management (i.e., progressive relaxation, guided imagery, deep-breathing exercises). Tangee has a Mindfulness Certification, is a Certified Nutritional & Integrative Medicine Mental Health Provider, and a Reiki I & II Practitioner. She has undergone several trainings related to CBT, DBT, Trauma, and non-pharmaceutical interventions for mental health disorders.  

Contact: tmoorelcsw@availcounseling.com

Accepting New Clients: No


Shawnrell Blackwell, Ph.D,QMHP-A

Shawnrell Blackwell, Ph.D,QMHP-A

Shawnrell Blackwell, Ph.D,QMHP-A

 Dr. Blackwell known as "Dr. B." is a qualified mental health professional and nationally certified fitness instructor who is certified in Mindfulness, Life Coaching, Yoni Steaming, and Reiki.  She received her doctorate in 2008 from Virginia Tech University and her Masters and Bachelors degree from Virginia State University. She is also holds a Virginia Department of Education English Teacher, PreK-12 Administrator, and Superintendent's license.  Dr. B.’s passion for life, education, and fitness are contagious to everyone who encounters her energetic, motivational, and inspiring personality.  She uses a holistic approach to empower others  to do the work to heal!



our purpose

Shawnrell Blackwell, Ph.D,QMHP-A

our purpose

We are living are authentic lives! 

We want everyone to get the opportunity to fulfill his or her purpose! Our calling is to help heal and walk beside people in their journey.

We are used as a vessel!

God brought us together as strangers and now we are sisters!

We began our business with a prayer and each day it continues with a prayer!


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Welcome Our New Therapist! Olivya Wilson, LCSW

Welcome Our New Therapist! Olivya Wilson, LCSW

Welcome Our New Therapist! Olivya Wilson, LCSW

Therapy Approaches: Trauma Focused therapies, Grief and Loss, Motivational

Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy,

Mindfulness and Expressive therapies. Accepted: 12 years old +

Accepting New Clients: Yes

Payments Accepted: Self Pay Rates $100-$120, Anthem, and Anthem EAP

Contact: owilsonlcsw@availcounseling.com


Positions Available:

Welcome Our New Therapist! Olivya Wilson, LCSW

Welcome Our New Therapist! Olivya Wilson, LCSW

Please submit  resume and complete application!

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Want to learn to start your own health and wellness business? We provide affordable ways to start your own business (yoni steaming) and provide consultative services to support existing mental health professionals! 




Need to connect to community resources? We provide free and low cost community events to educate about mental health and wellness. We are able to do this through our various community partners and non profit fundraisers. Please support by donating to our community partners! Or if you would like us to be a part of your community  event please send us request!




Women's health is important to us. If you're experiencing a life transition or maintaining your overall health, our staff is available for all your women's health needs. Clinical and Holistic Health Practices are Available! Do not fall victim to the "Superwoman Syndrome"... We are here to help!




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